Beka Goginashvili

Founder and Director of Cultural Educational Foundation Inc. New York

Our Partners

  • Embassy of United States in Georgia
  • Opera and Ballet State Theater of Tbilisi 
  • Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth of Georgia


            Board of Directors

Beka Goginashvili

Shalva Sarukhanishvili

Mzia Bekurashvili

What We Do

 Since 2019 we have conducted events for the most diverse groups and communities in Kings County, including migrants from the post-Soviet countries, youth, persons with disabilities, and others.   Opera, ballet, classic, and folk performances provided through the Theater united many and fostered the cultural values and traditions. 

Our History

CEF is created by Georgian artists living and working in Brooklyn, NY who want to share their skills and inspirations with the multicultural community around them.  The CEF carries the wealth and depth of culture and arts of the Republic of Georgia, and its prominent fields of opera and folk music, and dance.